How are the rankings calculated when using "rank options"?

In Simple Poll, rankings are calculated using Instant-runoff voting, sometimes called ranked-choice voting. It works like this:

Respondents rank the options in order of preference.

The option that receives a majority of #1 votes is declared the winner. 

If no option has received a majority of #1 votes, the option with the fewest #1 votes is eliminated. 

For respondents that ranked the eliminated option as #1, they will now have the option they initially ranked as #2 become their top pick.

These rounds continue until a majority winner is found.

Advantages of this method:

  • It finds the option with the strongest overall support among all voters, not only the option that got the most votes.
  • It allows people to rank an option that is unlikely to win as #1 since their other ranked options will be taken into account if the #1 option is eliminated. This means you don’t have to fear “wasting” a ranking.
  • It removes the need to run multiple polls, as a winner is always found, and a decision can be reached more quickly and with less effort.

You can find more information on this method here:

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