How can I use Slash Commands to make a poll quickly?

Please note: some of the features highlighted below are only available on our Premium and Enterprise subscription plans. These are marked with ✨

You can quickly create polls using the Slash Command typing /poll into the message box of the channel you wish to post your poll in.

Instead of clicking "enter" to open the poll modal, follow /poll with the question/topic you want to ask and the options you want to include. Surround your question and each option with quotation marks.

For example, typing this:

/poll “What times would work for a quick team meeting later?” “1pm” “2pm” “3pm”

then pressing enter, or send, will show you a preview of the poll you've created. If you're happy with the poll, click "Create Poll" to post:

Asking a question without entering any options will create a poll where there are no options preset, but respondents can add options to your poll.

Simple Poll has a number of other features that can be added into your Slash Command. Include any of the following in your Slash Command message after the poll question and options. Do not use quotation marks around the features.

Type of poll

  • ranked-poll
  • scaled-rating-poll
  • write-a-short-text (Note: Adding an emoji such as 🔥 next to this command will allow voters to react with that emoji!)
  • ask-me-anything
Show results
  • show-results-on-close
  • show-results-to-creator
Scheduled closing ✨
  • close-in-30-minutes

🔥 This logic works with the following time limits:

      • close-in-10-minutes
      • close-in-30-minutes
      • close-in-1-hour
      • close-in-2-hours
      • close-in-3-hours
      • close-in-4-hours
      • close-in-5-hours
      • close-in-6-hours
      • close-in-12-hours
      • close-in-1-day
      • close-in-2-days
      • close-in-3-days
      • close-in-7-days
Reminder before closing
  • repost-3-hours-before-closes
🔥 This logic only works if a scheduled close is also given. It works with the following time limits:
      • repost-5-minutes-before-close
      • repost-10-minutes-before-close
      • repost-15-minutes-before-close
      • repost-30-minutes-before-close
      • repost-1-hour-before-close
      • repost-2-hours-before-close
      • repost-3-hours-before-close
      • repost-12-hours-before-close
      • repost-24-hours-before-close

Reminder after posting

  • repost-poll-after-30-minutes

🔥 This logic works with the following time limits:

      • repost-poll-after-5-minutes
      • repost-poll-after-10-minutes
      • repost-poll-after-15-minutes
      • repost-poll-after-30-minutes
      • repost-poll-after-1-hour
      • repost-poll-after-2-hours
      • repost-poll-after-3-hours
      • repost-poll-after-12-hours
      • repost-poll-after-24-hours

Other settings

  • The keyword allow-options lets team members add options to your poll
  • The keyword limit 1 limits how many votes each respondent can cast to 1
  • The keyword anonymous makes responses anonymous to everyone
  • Mentions will notify the channel or specific members:
    • @here
    • @channel
    • @username @username @username

For example, typing this:

/poll “What questions do you have for the leadership team?" ask-me-anything, anonymous, close-in-3-days

will create the following AMA/Q&A poll, which is anonymous, and will automatically close

For even faster poll creation, you can  skip the preview step when creating polls using the  /poll  command, by adding  no-preview  to the end of your options
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