What Question Types Can Be Used in Multi-Question Polls?

Please note: this feature is only available on our Premium and Enterprise subscription plans ✨

A Multi-Question Poll can consist of multiple types of questions in a single Poll, allowing you greater speed and flexibility in gathering your information!

There are five types of questions you can ask in a Multi-Question Poll:

Select One Option

  • Perfect for when you need to decide one option out of many. Eg. ‘How are you doing today?’ or ‘Can you please choose your favourite colour from this list?’

Select Many Options

  • Choose this type of question if there are multiple possible answers. Eg. ‘What days work for this meeting?’ or ‘Pick 3 out of 5 of the following…’

Short Text

  • Responses to these types of questions can be entered in sentence form. These can be used for more detailed responses to questions like ‘What do you think of..’ or ‘How would you like this to be handled?’

Rank Options

  • Ranked questions allow you to have your respondents rank a predetermined set of options in a preferred order. Eg. ‘Rank these choices from 1 to 5’

Rate on Scale

  • Questions can also be ranked on a non-numerical scale, allowing options to be ranked by degrees of importance, or how useful a piece of information was. Eg. ‘How important is this to you, from very important, to very unimportant?’

You can choose the type of question you are asking by choosing an option from the ‘How do you want people to respond’ dropdown menu:

Please note: Multi-Question Polls do not currently support the following settings:

  • Reacting with emojis
  • Allowing others to add options
  • Ordering results by most votes
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