What is the template gallery and how do I use it?

Our Template Gallery simplifies your experiences with ready to go poll templates. These pre-designed templates offer a streamlined and user-friendly solution, making it effortless for you to craft engaging polls that resonate with your audience. Check back often! We'll be adding more templates soon.

How to create polls from the Simple Poll Template Gallery

Open the 'create poll' modal and click on the 'Template Gallery' button. Choose to view either your own custom templates, or one of Simple Poll's pre-made ones.

Click on the 'view' button beside your desired template and click 'Use Template'. This will open a window where you are able to customize the template to your needs. Select Preview -> Create Poll to post.

Available templates in the Simple Poll Gallery

  • Align on Team Ability
    • Working on a hybrid team? This template launches a recurring poll to communicate who will be in the office when. Perfect for coordinating everything from meetings to meals!

  • Find a Meeting Time
    • Simplify the scheduling process and ensure your entire team is open and available for your next event. Simply input your options and find the perfect time!

  • Discover Fun Common Interests
    • This template fosters community within your organization by encouraging people to find things they have in common.

  • Collect Feedback
    • Launches an anonymous three option poll to quickly and securely collect feedback on any topic. Perfect for debriefing after meetings!

  • Collect Questions for an AMA Session
    • This template allows your team to anonymously submit questions and vote on their importance.

  • Daily Stand-up
    • This recurring, short-text poll allows your team to quickly check in on the status of any project. Perfect for keeping everyone aligned and on track.

  • Check in on Your Team’s Mood
    • Get a sense of your team’s morale with this quick check-in poll.

  • Checklist for a Regular Procedure
    • Track progress and ensure no step is missed on your regular procedures.

  • Collect Topics for a Meeting Agenda
    • This recurring poll allows for the collaborative preparation of your next meeting. Allows attendees to submit their own topics and align on what will be discussed!

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