Enhancing Pre-Event Engagement: Using Simple Poll for Effective Training, Meetings, and Company Events

In the dynamic world of Human Resources and Learning & Development, the success of training sessions, company events, and all-hands meetings often hinges on understanding the needs and expectations of attendees. Engaging participants ahead of these events can lead to more tailored content, increased engagement, and a higher overall impact.

Enter Simple Poll...

The Importance of Pre-Event Engagement

Pre-event engagement is critical for several reasons:

  1. Understanding Attendee Needs: Gathering input from attendees before the event allows organisers to tailor the content to address specific questions, concerns, and interests.
  2. Increasing Engagement: When attendees feel that their opinions and preferences are valued, they are more likely to be engaged and participative during the event.
  3. Improving Outcomes: By aligning the event’s objectives with the attendees’ needs, the chances of achieving desired outcomes are significantly increased.

    Why would you not try and get inside the attendees head in advance of the event?!

How Simple Poll Can Transform Pre-Event Engagement

Simple Poll offers a seamless and efficient way to gather questions, opinions, and feedback from attendees before an event. Here’s how it can be effectively utilised:

  1. Integration and Ease of Use: Simple Poll integrates directly with Slack, a platform many organisations already use for communication. This makes it easy to create and distribute polls without needing additional tools or complicated processes.
  2. Customisable Polls: You can customise polls to ask specific questions relevant to the upcoming event. Whether it’s gauging interest in particular training topics, understanding preferred meeting formats, or collecting questions for an all-hands meeting, Simple Poll can be tailored to meet your needs.
  3. Anonymous Feedback: Simple Poll allows for anonymous responses, encouraging more honest and candid feedback from attendees. This can be particularly valuable when gathering opinions on sensitive topics or areas needing improvement.

Practical Applications of Simple Poll Before Events

  1. Training Sessions: Before conducting a training session, use Simple Poll to ask participants about their current knowledge level, specific areas they’d like to focus on, or any questions they hope to have answered. This helps in creating a more targeted and relevant training program.
  2. Company Events: For company-wide events, polls can be used to understand what topics employees are most interested in, which sessions they are likely to attend, or any logistical preferences they might have, such as preferred venues or formats (in-person vs. online).
  3. All-Hands Meetings: Collect questions from employees before all-hands meetings to ensure that leadership addresses the most pressing concerns. This not only makes the meeting more productive but also demonstrates that leadership is listening to and valuing employee input.

Simple Poll being used to gather free text questions ahead of an event.

Benefits of Using Simple Poll for Pre-Event Engagement

  • Tailored Content: By understanding the needs and expectations of attendees, you can tailor the content to be more relevant and impactful.
  • Increased Engagement: Attendees are more likely to be engaged during the event if they feel their input was considered in the planning process.
  • Efficient Planning: Collecting feedback ahead of time allows for more efficient and effective planning, ensuring that resources are used wisely and the event runs smoothly.
  • Enhanced Communication: Pre-event polling fosters a culture of open communication and inclusivity, where employees feel their voices are heard and valued.


Incorporating Simple Poll into your pre-event engagement strategy can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your training sessions, meetings, and company events. By gathering valuable input from attendees ahead of time, you can ensure that your events are more relevant, engaging, and impactful. Start using Simple Poll today to create a more interactive and responsive event planning process, and see the difference it makes in achieving your organisational goals.

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