Can others add options to my poll?

There are a couple of ways to allow people to add their own options to polls. You can even change this setting after creating your poll, if you like.

When creating a poll via the modal window, you can “Allow options from others” in the settings:

Alternatively, via the poll slash command, you can add allow-options, like this:

/poll “Hit me with your Netflix recommendations! I'll go first…” “The Last Dance 🏀” “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee ☕” allow-options

Others can then add their own options via the "Add option" button on the poll, which will present them with a simple box:

After a poll has been created, you can enable and disable allowing options from others via the poll settings. On any poll find the "..." button, then click "Details & More". From there, you'll find an "Allow options from others" checkbox under "Poll settings".

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