How do I upgrade to a paid plan?

To upgrade to our Premium plan, head over to your personalised billing dashboard:

From here, you'll see on the top right-hand side of the dashboard, the Slack workspace you're logged into, check it's the correct workspace you're looking to upgrade.

On this screen, you'll see information about the plan you're upgrading to including the price and the number of members within your Slack workspace.

Click on the green Upgrade button to start the process.

Next complete the Country, Company name and if relevant to your organisation the VAT identification number so we know the correct VAT to charge your business. When ready click Confirm.

On the next screen, Stripe will ask you for some card and billing details to set up the subscription as shown below. Once finalised and checked please click on Subscribe.

Your new subscription to Simple Poll will now be live on the workspace 🎉

Note: If you're looking for anything Enterprise-specific such as PO's, Enterprise Grid or Custom Security reviews please email [email protected]

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