Creating and managing advanced recurring surveys

Use advanced recurring surveys to send out an advanced survey on a repeating basis.

How to create a new recurring survey

1. Navigate to Simple Poll Home and click "Create a survey"

2. Create the survey as you normally would

3. Under "Survey Settings", towards the bottom, you can see a button for "Make Recurring"

4. After clicking the button, you will see a new screen where you can "Set up schedule". Click it to open up the modal window where you can enter all your scheduling details

5. Your survey will automatically be sent out on a daily/weekly/monthly basis!

How to edit questions, audience and more in advanced recurring surveys

With advanced recurring surveys you have an opportunity to edit questions, title, audience, and more before each advanced survey is automatically sent out. 

We automatically create a draft advanced survey which you can continue to edit up until the advanced survey is automatically sent out based on the recurring schedule. 

Any edits you make to this draft will automatically be applied to all future editions of this advanced recurring survey 

See this page for instructions on how to view all of your advanced surveys, including drafts of advanced recurring surveys scheduled to be automatically sent: Where can I view my advanced surveys?

How to stop a recurring survey or edit the recurring schedule

1. Navigate to Simple Poll Home and then click on "Surveys" via the dropdown menu

2. Find the survey that you're looking to pause or stop, you'll know which are recurring as they have a "Recurring" label and click on view survey3. Scroll down to a section titled "Review & Send" and click on Recurring Schedule

4. Scroll to the recurring survey section and click on "Edit schedule"

5. Here you can update how frequently your advanced recurring survey is sent out. To stop automatic sending entirely, scroll down in the modal until you see the "Stop automatic sending" button

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