Product Release Notes 2024


The aim of this article is to provide you with a high-level overview of some of the key customer-facing updates - functionality changes you'll see in the Simple Poll User Interface (UI).

Our Developers often make improvements to the "backend" - infrastructure/architecture - to enhance performance (e.g. make things load extra quickly, or be even more robust/reliable), those changes will not be listed here.

Q1 - 2024

  • We have added a new option to our Scheduled Polls allowing them to be sent out annually.
  • We have updated our Homepage for ease of navigation and a new look.
  • The old 'Three Dot Menu' has been removed for the green 'Open' Button for a more multi-purpose Poll Management experience.

  • When creating a Multi-Question Poll of three questions or less you will now see a preview of the results right in the channel

  • Made it easier to send polls via direct message to multiple recipients at once, minimizing the number of clicks for a smoother experience.
  • Added the option to make selected question in a Multi-Question Poll optional for more detailed and customizable polls.
  • Updated the in-app tutorial with new information.

Q2 - 2024

  • Workplace Administrators will now receive a notification in the event of a failed payment.

Q3 - 2024

  • All poll creators now have access to a brand-new, improved dashboard! This powerful tool will help poll creators dive deeper into their polls, allowing them to take a more data-driven approach to analysing responses and driving your success.

    • Dive Deeper: Ensure you get the most from every response with detailed breakdowns and visuals.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through your data with our intuitive and sleek design.
    • Success-Driven Decisions: Use the insights to inform and optimise your future polls, guaranteeing you ask the right questions and achieve the best results.

The 'Recent Polls' tab has been renamed 'My Polls'. Polls can now be filtered across a range of criteria.

Poll creators now have a range of ways to review their poll responses at both a grouped and individual level.
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