How are Surveys different from Polls?

Polls are single questions while Surveys can include multiple questions. Polls are great for when you need a quick response to a question, while Surveys are a better choice for those times when you need to dig a little deeper on a topic.

Here is an example of a poll:

Here is an example of a survey:

And here are the differences between polls and surveys, in a bit more detail:

Polls Surveys
Polls are posted in Slack channels where they are visible to all channel members. Anyone can participate. Polls may also be sent in a direct message to one or more members.
Surveys can be delivered privately via direct message to each respondent, or posted to a channel. The survey creator decides who should receive the survey when they are creating the survey by either choosing a specific channel or specific people to DM.
A poll has 1 question.
A single survey can have multiple questions (up to 45).
The poll creator can choose if results are immediately shown to everyone in the channel either in real time or when the poll closes. The creator may also choose to keep the results hidden so that only they, or a selected group, can view them.
Responses are shown to the survey creator, who can then decide to distribute the results. Responses may also be sent to a channel as the responses are submitted.
The poll creator will choose from one of five "response type" options for their poll question, and may choose to allow others to add options. The survey creator decides the "response type" for each question, which can be:
  • Short answer text
  • Single choice
  • Checkboxes
Fully native in Slack. No need for any participant to leave Slack.
Fully native in Slack. No need for any participant to leave Slack.
Polls can be anonymous or not anonymous.
Surveys can be anonymous or not anonymous.
Great for quickly and collaboratively making decisions, and for social use cases that bring teams together. Great for pulse surveys, for soliciting feedback, and for other use cases that benefit from multiple questions and from respondents not being able to see the results.
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