What are advanced surveys?

Polls are great for asking questions and quickly receiving feedback from everyone inside a channel on a single topic like “Which design is your favorite?”, “Which day works best for the weekly team review?”, or "When will you be in the office next week?"

Advanced surveys are great for:

  • Running a fully anonymous, multi-question pulse survey across a whole organization or company which might include topics like “I know what is expected of me at work” and “In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work”
  • Gathering feedback on an event or all hands from everyone who attended
  • Collecting rapid, private 360-degree feedback within a team
  • Anything else that surveys can be a useful tool for, now natively within Slack, making it very simple for everyone to respond to your survey 🥳

Like polls, advanced surveys can be sent to a specific Slack channel – but unlike polls, advanced surveys can also be sent privately via direct message.
Like polls, advanced surveys can be automatically sent on a repeating basis
Like polls, advanced surveys can be anonymous
Like with polls, responses to advanced surveys can be automatically shared in a Slack channel – but by default all responses are kept private just for the creator of the advanced survey to see
Unlike polls, advanced surveys can have up to 45 questions contained in the same survey with three different question types: short answer, single choice, and checkboxes. Learn more

Get started here: How can I create an advanced survey?

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